Packaging Services

SPGS has an extensive team that performs all due diligence and preparation.

Generally, we can prepare and position an applicant to properly proceed to funding solutions within 30 days or less. The time span needed to prepare and submit the funding package is generally the pace and alacrity with which the applicant is able to present our underwriters with the information that we may require. The following is the general process we use to determine if an applicant is qualified to pursue the funding that is being requested.

1. Contact us by Phone or Email and provide overview of your funding request.

2. We will assign your application to one of our advisors that represents both the financial, development and operational expertise in your specific industry.

3. The advisor will work with you to fully evaluate your company’s request for capital and determine if and what services we can provide..

4. Once the evaluation is complete, we will notify you as to whether or not we have determined that you are qualified or not to receive the funds required. If we believe that we can assist you we will provide you with an agreement that details our services and cost.

5. By successfully following proper investment guidelines stated within our proposals, you will move more swiftly to your funding.

We look forward to working with seasoned companies, proven solutions and experienced management teams that strive to grow and prosper with sound financial planning.