Partnering Philosophy

Strategic Partners is a group of professionals from a variety of industries and skill sets that come together to accomplish the goals of our clients.

Client: is a business that desires to improve in such a way that they will succeed far into the future. Every Client has need of different partner combinations so no matter what your need is you will get a customized plan!

Solutions: a product or service offered by SPGS to maximize the clients overall ROI(s).

The method in which we select a partner depends on the needs of the client. If the client has needs that are currently not in our circle of partners then we seek the best fit for the client. If that service provider is found ideal for our clients then we try to continue to use them on other projects.

Fit: it is just as important that the different service providers and clients work well together as it is that they be knowledgeable in their field. If we find that we are not the best fit for your need we will provide a referral or suggest that you find a better suited to your situation.

Satisfaction: We do not want our clients satisfied; we want them ecstatic about the services they have received. Satisfied is like eating a big meal and not being able to do anything afterward, this is not good for business. Ecstatic is like going to a great movie that motivates you to change your life afterwards, opens your mind provides energy to excel! You will become more effective and a leader to your company!

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"We have strategic partners in all parts of the United States , specifically , San Francisco, Sacramento, Chico, Newport Beach. Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Washington DC. more important we have every significant industry covered in our knowledge base.. "


As we are in the business of business, we begin with the end in mind. In many cases the end goal is to prepare a company for sale and obtain the highest return. Often our clients begin as small and medium businesses with no plan and no defined value to represent to an acquiring company. Some of the companies we have served come from the following industries: