As the General Manager of International Service Leadership, my company was a subsidiary of Lennox International. We provided a variety of training and business support services to the 600+ HVAC Contractor members of our Association.

When we contracted the services of SPGS, we were in serious danger of being shut down. They were responsible for new systems that provided additional value to our members and helped us find new growth. They produced and taught entire seminars to the group, and wrote the book on Marketing for the Residential HVAC Contractor.

For Profit Contractor’s Association

Only a few months later, Lennox made the decision to sell ISL to a group of the members that had an interest in it. Lennox chose to keep the collateral materials and systems developed by the SPGS team and use them for training their dealers all over the country.

For everything from marketing to budgeting to operations and systems development, SPGS was an important asset to my organization, and I will use them in the future with any organization I may belong to.

Keith K.
Former General Manager
International Service Leadership