SPGS came to us specifically to help us clean up past audit issues. They were able to come in and assess the situation very quickly and set a game plan to not only clean up the past mess but to put systems in place to not return to the same problems.

SPGS worked with the longtime staff to improve services and create what they call “buy in” this allowed us to enjoy working in a very difficult industry environment and to improve all over services to the foster children and parents.

Non-Profit Children's Services

SPGS was able to provide accurate information and a secure environment that allowed the board to know and feel the organization was complying in letter and in intent. 

I eagerly endorse SPGS for any business venture and even social venture as in my opinion they have a strong command of business and an exceptional ability to rally employees. If I were to start a new venture I would put the SPGS team at the top of my list of professionals I would work with.

David S. LCSW