SPGS was brought in to create a system by which their organization could evaluate business opportunities and multifamily real estate purchases. In addition to this a close review of their current systems was required and an analysis of personnel and needs to create more efficient services to the community.

Kevin pulls no punches! He helped our organization understand the strengths and weaknesses and how to capitalize on them both. His enthusiasm to create social enterprise is inspiring and motivational. I look forward to implementing his design work and team effort approach. Tom T.

Community Services

SPGS was brought in bring the accounting in house and create the systems for a 5.5 million dollar grant that would be issued by the State of California. The agency not only received the grant but all grant recipients through out the state were required to use the same data collection system that was created by SPGS.

SPGS has a firm understanding of business systems and how they can apply to many different companies. As a non profit we thought they would need a lot of time to get up to speed with our specific needs. That was not the case, they were able to accomplish the task of bringing in house all of the accounting and facilitate the financial and systems design for a major grant all the while being a key manager role for the entire organization. With in the allocated time all tasks were accomplished and we received the desired grant that propelled us into the next realm of business services that we desired. With out a doubt we could not have done this with out the guidance of SPGS.

Dana C.
Executive Director