As the General Manager of Chico Drywall one of the largest regionally owned Drywall and Stucco supplier and a separate company called Chico Insulation and Fireplaces I had the opportunity to work with Strategic Partners Global Solutions. During this time of great economic turmoil we were able to work with calmness and effectiveness. We had to make several changes in our company to help retain profits and one of those was the Pre Lien Process. We thought that we had it under control until we did not have a project properly pre lien'ed it cost us well over 35,000.00! and the ability to collect other projects was greatly diminished!

Pre-Lien Automation

We completed the Automation process with SPGS and the relief that it was being done correctly was immediate! Our overall bill for pre lien, dropped as we could choose who to pre lien and when! Initially going into this was the fear that my customers would not like the notices, wow was I wrong. SPGS is very customer oriented and accurate our customers where more confident in our letters and were not threatened with the wording. It actually built confidence in our customers that they were doing business with a great company!

Gregg Jacobsen
General Manager
Chico Drywall Stucco Supply
Redding, Chico, Sacramento and Gilroy