SPGS instituted the systems and employee incentives that made our company profitable so much that the organization and spouses earned an all expense paid trip to Maui, Hawaii, week stay at the Kaanapali Alii condo resort on the Kaanapali Beach Area, rooms are usually 500 to 600 per night. We all received a rental car, a round of golf and $500 spending money. And we did not have to use our vacation time… yes we all did the work but the plan was laid and goals were met. We all went, about 30 people!

Commercial Water
Purification Systems

SPGS was brought in to organize the company for profitability, systems improvement and a final sale. They did just that and had open communication with everyone, promoting that if we do an excellent job and understand working for a large corporation that we would not be let go because our staff would be better than theirs. As it turned out there was not a detrimental interruption to staff, operations or profitability.

Kevin from SPGS stayed on as the Integration director and then the IT Director. Continuing to do an excellent job, he helped prepare the way for new employees. When he finally left, the company hired two people to replace him. SPGS stayed on for a bit as consultants.

We miss them and like it when they stop by on rare occasions.

Larry R.
Mechanical Engineer