SPGS was brought into a start up situation to provide executive leadership and system development. In order to start the first high speed wireless network in the North Valley area SPGS created all systems and process to operate the company. This was to be a long term project that would require a lot of training and technology research and education. The creation of client management software for a three component system and client interface all integrated for low employee contact with high client satisfaction.

High-Speed Wireless

SPGS had offers to purchase but were rejected for a longer term play. Currently this company is growing and creating happy customers where it provides its services. Systems created are still in play.

SPGS has a great way of digging through the garbage and getting to the facts! They do ask a lot of questions but the payback is awesome! In negotiations they are very knowledgably and easy to work with. Not every time did I agree with their methods but when I learned to trust their honesty and ability I found that the process worked as they said it would. I found their confidence that they have in their plan allowed me to gain more my confidence in myself and my company.. Looking forward to my next project!

Chris W Owner